Vehicle Wraps


A good vehicle wrap is like poetry in motion…

Believe it or not but vehicle wraps are becoming one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising. It can be a little pricey to wrap a vehicle but the Return on Investment is very high! Here are some keys to a successful vehicle wrap design:

  1. RESOLUTION IS IMPORTANT.  If you are featuring a product on your wrap, make sure you have the product image in a high resolution. If it is low resolution, it will show up bitmapped. 
  2. BOLD COLORS and DESIGNS. Remember that this thing is mobile and has to be seen in motion. So you need to have the proper colors to grab the eye first!
  3. DON’T OVERCROWD!  This is definitely a case where less is more. Don’t put a million bullet lists on the design. Keep this simple and it will be effective. 
  4. DON’T WORK JUST OFF THE TEMPLATE. Obviously a template is key here but you should really study the vehicle, take picts, and look at the marketplace as well! 
  5. USE A PRO! Ok the design on this can be tricky, especially if you are working around handles, hinges, windows, lights etc… let a professional design this. Also work with a certified 3m installer….you will get a better product in the end. 
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