Business Card Designs


A well-designed business card can make you stand out from the crowd.

You have no idea how important a business card it. It’s often the most crucial aspect of meeting a new client. Most importantly (have some on you at all times!) Great business card design should follow these guidelines:

  1. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE. Often clients want to load everything possible on a business card. SIMPLE design can often come off as more professional, sleek and more upscale…which can generate more dollars for you. 
  2. USE UNIQUE PRINTING MATERIALS. Ok it used to be that everyone wanted a gloss card! Well times change and taste often changes. Now people are working with FAT heavy cards, plastic cards, special die-cuts, different sizes etc. Thinking outside the box can go along way!
  3. AVOID BORDERS. Designing a card with borders is a big NO NO! They never print and cut correctly….never 100% precise.  
  4. USE THE BLEED! I personally like designing using backgrounds, gradients, photos that extend to the edge of the card (the bleed). 
  5. DON’T GO TO BIG. It sounds kinda stupid but if you go with a card much larger than 3.5×2….it might not fit in your prospects wallet or card holder. Standards are usually set for a reason. 
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