Brochure Design


Know your purpose before you start…

A really good brochure is actually what some clients often overlook doing. It’s actually a powerful form of advertising, especially if you are selling a higher end service or product. Here are some good guidelines:

  1. Limit your Fonts.  Generally a good rule of thumb is to use 2-3 fonts at the most. Really just a heading, subheading and body copy font.
  2. Know your stock. Believe it or not but the type of stock you use can really alter the design and the final message you are trying to come across. 
  3. Sell, don’t tell!  The clients are most interested in what you have to offer and not so much how fancy your building or how nice your trucks are. To get their attention, your brochure needs to focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. 

  4. Focus on readability. Don’t make it difficult for people to read your brochure. Gray type on a white background and dark type on a dark background are difficult to read. So are pages that hsve a lot of text and small type. Break up blocks of type with headines and white space.

  5. Make it easy to respond. Be sure your business name, phone number and website url are easily found in the brochure or flyer. A QR code that takes people either to your product page or to a page to signup for your newsletter is yet another option to consider.

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