3D Printing

3D printing  allows the creation of parts /tools
at rates much lower than traditional machining.

The Skies the Limit!

What are the benefits of 3d Printing?

  1. SAVE MONEY: Prototyping injection mold tools and production runs are expensive investments.  3D printing process allows the creation of parts and/or tools through additive manufacturing at rates much lower than traditional machining.
  2. SAVE TIME: Have a great idea and want to see it in real life? 3D Printing allows you to do that without having to wait months for a mold.
  3. FAILURE IS CHEAP: With traditional molds, alterations and redesign can make you go broke before you start! With 3d printing, an alteration is minimal.
  4. GET A GOOD FEEL: A 3d print can give you a better idea of shape, size, and overall feel of the product you are designing before going into actual production.
  5. POTENTIAL FEEDBACK: Show it to an investor on the fly! They can save you alot of aggravation prior to production and copyright.
3D Prints:  2 USB Prototypes, Toy Car Wheels, Game Controller Replica

3D Prints: 2 USB Prototypes, Toy Car Wheels, Game Controller Replica

Other Services

We are a full service design agency that really caters to smaller companies…but we can handle the big boys too!

Graphic Design

Graphic and Print Design is actually where we started. For the last 20 years, we have created hundreds of award winning designs. Ranging from logo design, boost displays, vehicle wraps, signage, promotional material, product design, book designs and more…..we have done it all!


With any successful business, everything really stems around your logo design. We don’t just design your logo but actually create a brand for your business. Your logo like your business should be unique, professional and relate to your business. 

Web Design/Development

We have created over 200 websites and growing! We make our websites clean, professional,  and creative while still properly functioning and search engine friendly. We design fully responsive sites content management sites that are far advanced that standard html sites. 

Product Design/Development

This is so much fun! It’s like being a kid again. The beauty is we often start with a blank canvas, which means the client is coming to us with no logo no physical good but an idea. After alot of conversation, market research, tweaks and a product is born!

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