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What exactly does RCG do?

Robert Cipolla Graphics - Creative Concepts for your Business. RCG really does alot of things that can help your business. We specialize in custom website design, print design and production, social networks, and online marketing!!

I honestly feel what separates RCG from other companies is we work real well both in the web world and print world. RCG also has a more personal experience in all phases of design and building. You deal with the artist directly....no a secretary or a "salesperson". In the end I honestly think that is what produces a better product and that shows in our portfolio!!

Website Design and Development

  RCG has developed website for several different industries including retailers, non-profit, service companies, medical field, medical billing, entertainment, food and much more. The goal is to create eye catching website's that will differentiate your business from others. This is why we don't use cookie cutter templates but rather all the artwork is completely custom from the ground up. Your business is personal....why wouldn't your website be.
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Print Design and Production

  With today's hi-tech world its really easy to forget about print material....but without offline marketing material....you will find yourself a step behind. RCG has a vast knowledge of all print mediums to help make your marketing a complete success. Print production includes business cards, post cards, brochures, catalogs, mobile advertising, signage, apparel and much more!
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Logo Design and Branding

  With any successful business, everything really stems around your logo design. Your website, print material, signage, promotional material, uniforms...the list goes on and on. RCG doesn't just design your logo but actually creates a brand for your business. Your logo like your business should be unique...so your logo must be custom designed.
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Digital Photography & Photo Galleries


RCG specializes in digital photography of food items, jewelry, coins and most small to medium sized items. We can help make your website even better by giving you a virtual photo gallery of your restaurants menu or your products. We also have several different virtual photo galleries for your website to really give your photos that extra POP!
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Marketing & Consulting

  You are starting up a business but have no idea of where to go? RCG can help you by working with your new company and provide you with creative concepts to help you move forward. We also provide consulting for existing business's that might be struggling by reviewing your current marketing strategies and help you improve on them. RCG also can providing consulting for newbies in the graphic design and web world ...who are just becoming freelance designers and need some valuable information on how to move forward!!
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