The Process
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It's not a painful process...I swear!!

Alot of times my clients tell me that are so worried about starting projects. The feel kinda lost and don't know where to start...or if they are getting good advice. What I can tell you is you are in good hands because I sincerely care about how the project turns out. The process is simple:

  1) Simply just talk !

Really the first step is to sit down with you and figure out what your needs are! NO high pressure sales tactics or trying to sell you things you don't need....That's not me!

By talking with you I get a feel for:
  • What your style preferences are
  • What color schemes you prefer
  • More information about your business
  • What hasn't been working for your business
  • What your competitors are doing
  • How I can further help
  2) Piece it all together !

My job really is just one big puzzle. I take all the information that is given as well as what I collect and piece it all together and come up with a design and marketing plan.

By planning I mean:
  • Develop your identity or brand
  • Figure out what designs and marketing work best for your product or service
  • Think about the overall design and functionality goals
  3) Get a Movin ! the fun part. I as your designer take all the facts and concepts and start designing.

I give the client proofing points

- Show you a home page prototype
- You review the design for changes
- You give final home page approval
- Show you secondary page prototype
- You review secondary page design
-  Final secondary page approval
- Finish all other pages to complete
- Answer any questions along the way
- Final Project Review then UPLOAD
  Now your website is up and running...!

Hooorah!! See that wasn't bad at all! Now that the site is live you can incorporate it in all your other marketing such as:
  • Print Material (Business Cards, Brochures, etc)
  • Vehicle Advertising
  • Sign Designs (Exterior and Interior)
  • Apparel
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc)

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