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Digital Photography & Photo Galleries

RCG specializes in digital photography of food items, jewelry, coins and most small to medium sized items.We can help make your website even better by giving you a virtual photo gallery of your restaurants menu or your products. We also have several different virtual photo galleries for your website to really give your photos that extra POP!
Consumers often think with their eyes first...especially restaurant consumers. So if your building a website, why not feature pictures of your food? If a new customer goes to your website and sees a beautiful dish shot CORRECTLY....that's the best drawer...even better than a coupon. They are gonna say...."WOW, that looks good....I gotta try that!"

Digital Photography Tip #1: If this picture doesn't look good....DO NOT USE IT!!

I see this alot with restaurant websites.....they often shoot with bad or no lighting and they shoot with the flash on!! This makes the food look horrible and it actually hurts your business if you show that picture. A bad pict is far worse than no pict!!

Check out the Portfolio Below:



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